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  E and H Plane Tees

E-Plane and H-Plane Tees are used primarily to equally divide RF energy from one input into two output lines or to combine energy from two inputs into one output line. Custom Tees can be supplied with VSWR 1.5:1 max over the full band, or optimized to VSWR 1.1:1 max over 15% bandwidth. Standard E & H Plane Tees are supplied unmatched.

Ordering Example: Add the prefix "E" or "H" to the catalog number to indicate the plane of Tee required. ETE28S is an E-plane Tee in WR28 waveguide with square flanges. HTE8R is a H-Plane Tee in WR8 waveguide with round flanges.

Ordering Information
To order please send email to Sales and indicate the part #s and quantities desired.
 Catalog #  Waveguide Size  Flange
 TE42RB  WR42  Round - 1.125
 TE34RB  WR34  Round - 1.125
 TE28RB  WR28  Round - 1.125
 TE22RB  WR22  Round - 1.125
 TE19RB  WR19  Round - 1.125
 TE15RB  WR15  Round - 0.750
 TE12RB  WR12  Round - 0.750
 TE10RB  WR10  Round - 0.750
 TE8RB  WR8  Round - 0.750
 TE6RB  WR6  Round - 0.750
 TE5RB  WR5  Round - 0.750
 TE4RB  WR4  Round - 0.750
 TE3RB  WR3  Round - 0.750