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  Waveguide Spacers

These precision waveguide spacers can be used to compensate for positional discrepancies of waveguide assemblies by inserting them between flanges in strategic locations. If required, several spacers can be stacked together to achieve a desired length. Our spacers are also ideally suited as quarter wave calibration lines due to their inherent accuracy and repeatability.

Ordering Example: WS28R-020 is a Round Waveguide Spacer in WR28, 0.02" thick.
Ordering Information
To order please send email to Sales and indicate the part #s and quantities desired.
 Catalog #  Waveguide Size  Flange
 WS42S  WR42  Square - 0.875
 WS28S  WR28  Square - 0.750
 WS28R  WR28  Round - 1.125
 WS22R  WR22  Round - 1.125
 WS22S  WR22  Square - 0.750
 WS19R  WR19  Round - 1.125
 WS15R  WR15  Round - 0.750
 WS12R  WR12  Round - 0.750
 WS10R  WR10  Round - 0.750
 WS8R  WR8  Round - 0.750