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  Level Set Attenuators

The Level Set Attenuator is used to adjust power, reduce reflection interaction, and provide isolation where needed. Adjustment is accomplished by loosening the clamping screws and raising or lowering the mylar vane by hand until the desired attenuation value is achieved and then re-tightening the screws. These attenuators provide reliable performance when continuously variable settings are not required.

CMI Offers these parts made from coin silver waveguide as a custom product. Send email to for quote.

Ordering Example: LA28S is a Level set Attenuator in WR28 with Square flanges.

Ordering Information
To order please send email to Sales and indicate the part #s and quantities desired.
 Catalog #  Waveguide Size  Flange
 LA42R/S  WR42  Square - 0.875
 LA34R/S  WR34  Square - 0.875
 LA28R/S  WR28  Round - 1.125
 LA22R  WR22  Square - 0.750
 LA19R  WR19  Round - 1.125
 LA15R  WR15  Round - 0.750
 LA12R  WR12  Round - 0.750
 LA10R  WR10  Round - 0.750
 LA8R  WR8  Round - 0.750
 LA6R  WR6  Round - 0.750
 LA5R  WR5  Round - 0.750
 LA4R  WR4  Round - 0.750
 LA3R  WR3  Round - 0.750