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E-Plane and H-plane Bends facilitate construction of waveguide assemblies by providing a means of accurate directional changes in the waveguide line. All units are made of coin silver waveguide, precisely bent to the desired angle while maintaining a constant cross section to minimize energy reflection. In addition to the models shown, bends with different radii, angles, or arm lengths can be supplied on special order.

Ordering Example: EB28S-90 is an E-Plane Bend in WR-28 waveguide with Square flanges bent at 90 degrees.

Ordering Information
To order please send email to Sales and indicate the part #s and quantities desired.
 Catalog #  Waveguide Size  Flange
 B42S  WR42  Square - 0.875
 B34S  WR34  Square - 0.875
 B28S  WR28  Square - 0.750
 B28R  WR28  Round - 1.125
 B22R  WR22  Round - 1.125
 B22S  WR22  Square - 0.750
 B19R  WR19  Round - 1.125
 B15R  WR15  Round - 0.750
 B12R  WR12  Round - 0.750
 B10R  WR10  Round - 0.750
 B8R  WR8  Round - 0.750
 B6R  WR6  Round - 0.750
 B5R  WR5  Round - 0.750
 B4R  WR4  Round - 0.750
 B3R  WR3  Round - 0.750